We want to hear what you have to say...

Brighton Students' Union is run by students for students, which means that we always want to hear your views on student life here at the University of Brighton, and make sure you're being represented.

Course Reps

Course Reps are an essential link between students and staff. They ensure that the University takes into account the feedback of students to help improve and develop their course to make a lasting, positive change.


We run Elections every Spring to choose next year's elected officers. Every student can vote in the Elections for each of the four full-time officer positions. To see who the winning team are for 2020-2021, you can read all about them here.  

Question of the Month

Each month we ask students their opinion on issues that affect life at University. We collate your responses into a report and then our full-time officers work to bring about the change that you want to see happen. Make sure you get involved so you can share your views and ideas. 

survey panel 

Join our new survey panel and get paid for your opinions!

Each and every day, we strive to make student life better for all of our students studying at the Univerisity of Brighton. We are launching this project to make sure that we are listening and acting upon the views of our students to ensure your student experience is the best it can be.

Your feedback will be used to tailor our services and inform our campaigns


There are many voluntary and paid opportunities you can get involved with in Student Voice. Put yourself forward to represent your coursemates’ views as a Course Rep, get involved with our Survey Panel to give tailored feedback on key matters, stand to be a candidate in the BSU Elections for a full time, paid role in the charity, or take part in giving monthly feedback with our Question of the Month surveys.


We've compiled an archive of useful guides, information and resources for students who are involved in any of our represenatative roles. If there's anything you need to know - chances are it's in here.