Referendum on NUS affiliation


  • The trustees of Brighton Students' Union have called a referendum on Brighton Students’ Union’s National Union of Students affiliation.
  • The question will be ‘Should Brighton Students’ Union disaffiliate from the National Union of Students?’

What’s happening?

We are asking all students to vote on whether they think Brighton Students’ Union should stay affiliated members of the National Union of Students.

Why are you doing it?

Every so often the Student’ Union is required to ask students if they wish to continue affiliating to the National Union of Students.

How does a referendum work?

  • A referendum is a simple yes or no question.
  • Any registered student at the University of Brighton can vote or support one of the campaigns.
  • 1000 students need to vote for the referendum to be valid and it is decided by a simple majority (50%+1).

When is the vote taking place?

The vote will take place alongside the BSU leadership elections from:

Monday 28th March at 10am  – Thursday 31rd March at 4pm.

The results will be announced on Friday 1st April at 7pm.

How do I find out more about both sides of the debate?

There are many argmuents for and against affiliation to NUS we recommend that you do you own research to formulate your opinion. We have included the following links to get you started.

'Yes' - Dissafiliate from NUS

'No' - Stay in NUS