Full-Time Officer Campaigns

Brighton Students' Union is lead by 4 elected officers, who guide the priorities of the organisation to best meet the needs of students.

These elected officers have paused or just finished their studies at the University of Brighton and provide feedback and representation at the highest level.

For the academic year 2019-2020, the officers are busy working on the following items:

Their progress can be identified by the coloured dot on their image - Not-started | In-progress | Done


Ramy Badre

The Listening Campaign

This Campaign is centered on key NSS themes and seeks to close the feedback loop by making University staff aware of the current issues facing students. Sessions have been timetabled across all Academic Schools; 6/12 sessions held so far.

Ramy Badre

Mid Module Evaluation

We have worked closely with the University to implement mid module evaluation so that issues are addressed before the conclusion of the academic year. The focus group we facilitated informed the final version of the questions in the survey.

Ramy Badre

The BAME degree awarding gap

I am working with the Uni to establish a system of allies across all Schools to increase awareness of racial equality issues and inform decision making. We are also developing an action statement on race equality to be rooted in all key communications.

Ramy Badre

Anonymity In Assessment

Anonymity in assessment at examination board and develop a set of consistent policies with regard to applying mitigating circumstances to borderline candidates.

Ramy Badre

Reduce the need to print

As far as possible, design out the need for students to print assessments and ensure parity in experience across all Schools with regard to the allowance of free printing.

Ramy Badre

Implement Lecture capture

I am pushing to implement an automated lecture recording system and prioritize investment in the provision of audio-visual facilities and the recording of educational activities.

Ramy Badre

Student Central 'One-Stop Shop'

Develop a “one-stop shop” on Student Central where clear assessment briefs, marking criteria, learning outcomes, graduate attributes and support resources are available to students.

Ramy Badre

Mitigating Circumstances

Remove the need for supporting documentary evidence to obtain an authorized claim for mitigating circumstances.

Ramy Badre


Enhance course organization by streamlining timetables in a manner that maximizes the potential of teaching spaces and promotes the estate, while condensing the number of days students are required to be on campus.

Ramy Badre

Late Submission Policy

Reassess University policy on the late submission of assessed work to make it a fairer process by imposing a 5% absolute standard scale for every passing day (except weekends), until a zero mark is reached.


Ramy Badre

Course Reps

I have worked with the Student Voice Team to support the election of nearly 800 Course Reps and we have also hosted Course Rep socials across all campuses. We are currently planning a Course Rep Conference for 04/12/2019.

Suzie Douglas

Society Online Training

After delivering face-to-face training for years, we have now moved over to online training which is tailored to each committee role, and provides you with certificates based on the modules you complete, enhancing your employability skills.

Ramy Badre

Course Rep Online Training

We have developed online training to ensure it is more accessible.

Ramy & Suzie

Volunteer Accreditation

We are working together to provide a platform for all Students' Union volunteers to record their hours and time spent helping others to enable a better record of acheivement to support a CV upon graduating. Hopefully this will launch in 2020!


Ramy Badre

Bi Visibility Campaign

I had the privilege of launching a Bi Visibility Campaign with the University’s Equality and Diversity Team which seeks to tackle biphobia. The campaign & video, which featured students and staff, was shared widely across social media.

Onyinye Okonkwo

Black History Month

I teamed up with ACS Society to host a range of events including the Black History Month Pub Quiz Night and The Great Debate Tour. I supported by making sure all the resources and other necessities needed for the day was successful. Find out more here

Suzie Douglas

Society Development

The Societies AGM was not inclusive and therefore we are replacing it with quality one-to-one development meetings with the new committees, to develop plans & ideas for the upcoming year and understand how the SU can support them.

Onyinye Okonkwo

Culture Café

Launching soon, the café aims to relieve student stress and promote cultural awareness by bringing students from all backgrounds together; to make friends and learn new languages. Find out more & sign up to become a volunteer here

Suzie Douglas

Society Leadership

The exisiting Societies Federation is under review, and the current elected committee are helping shape the direction and purpose of their roles, to better develop the evolution and provisions for students' wanting to lead societies at BSU.

Suzie & Calvin

Varsity 2020

More teams. More participants. More spectators.

Work is currently underway to make Varsity 2020 the best it can be

Suzie Douglas

This Student Can

This year BSU and SportBrighton have launched the first EVER 'This Student Can' Campaign! It aims to encourage all students, regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnicity, to get involved in trying out something sporty!


Onyinye Okonkwo

Wellbeing Cupboards

The cupboards will be continuing this year, but with more goodies and wellbeing supplies! I have worked hard to ensure that a cupboard will also be installed in Mithras House, Moulsecoomb, to support students on the other side of campus.

Ramy Badre

Commuting Student Support

Eliminate barriers to engagement for commuter students by introducing Airbnb-style rooms to enable greater integration in campus life, while also providing more social learning spaces.

Onyinye Okonkwo

Hate Crime Awareness

In October I campaigned with the University against Hate Crime on campus, listening to students and giving advice. We also launched a new disclosure system for students to report any form of abuse/violence anonymously. Find out more here.

Onyinye Okonkwo

Guarantor Scheme

I am working with the Uni to create a Guarantor Scheme Policy to benefit students need a guarantor and can’t pay upfront. This will mean that the university will stand as a guarantor for the student; hopefully making the house searching easier.

Onyinye Okonkwo

Safety for all students

I will be collaborating with Sussex Union on their Good Night Owl to ensure that all students in the city of Brighton are safe on nightout. We will need volunteers; who will be trained and awarded a certificate, which will help boost their CV.

Onyinye Okonkwo

Monthly Wellbeing Event

I am hosting monthly wellbeing events, for example this month there will be Yeast & Chlamydia Infection awareness tests available at stalls around all campuses, where I will be talking to students about their health.


Suzie Douglas

Sports Club Communication

Communication between the Sports Clubs and the Students' Union has now been made more accessible and students are now able to give feedback, at their convenience, to help shape the future of Sports Clubs and their provisions.


Suzie Douglas

University Sustainability

I have been collaborating with C-Change to promote sustainability activities within the University, including the Travel Fair, waste and recycling initiatives and lobbying the University to make a Fossil Free Divestment Commitment.

Suzie Douglas

Brighton SU Sustainability

I am working on a plan to audit the Union’s current services and activities and evaluate how sustainable they are. With other SU staff we will then create priorities and actions for the coming year.

Suzie Douglas

Reusable Products

To encourage our students and staff members to use their reusable products, we recently introduced a 25p charge for all disposable containers in our outlets. This is a policy that the University's restaurants also have in place.

Suzie Douglas

Societies Share Resources

Feedback said societies had to keep buying one-time use products for events and storage was an issue. This year we're launching a Shared Resources Scheme across the campuses, to enable societies to be more sustainable and save money!