Brighton Students' Union is lead by 4 elected officers, who guide the priorities of the organisation to best meet the needs of students.

These elected officers have paused or just finished their studies at the University of Brighton and provide feedback and representation at the highest level.

For the academic year 2020-2021, the officers are busy working on the following items:


Your Students’ Union is always listening and representing your views. The changes you’re passionate about are deeply rooted in our work this academic year in order to improve your experience at the University of Brighton. We are guided by an unwavering commitment to racial equity and a vision for an inclusive educational and wider student experience in which no voice goes unheard.



To ensure racial justice is finally achieved through institutional structural change so inequality is stamped out. 


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Protecting the student academic experience despite the challenges posed by COVID-19. 


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Ensuring the university is a safer place for students to be their most authentic selves. Providing greater accountability and education to address the root causes of racism, bullying, harassment, consent, and sexual misconduct.  


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The Students' Union is led by a group of elected students who work on your behalf to make University life better, you can find information and contact details for your Full-time Officers by selecting someone below. We run elections every Spring to choose next year's elected officers. Every student can vote in the elections for each of the four full-time officers and volunteer officer positions. The next Students' Union election will be hosted in March 2021.