To ensure racial justice is finally achieved through institutional structural change so inequality is stamped out. 


Your Students’ Union is always listening and representing your views. The changes you’re passionate about are deeply rooted in our work this academic year in order to improve your experience at the University of Brighton. We are guided by an unwavering commitment to racial equity and a vision for an inclusive educational and wider student experience in which no voice goes unheard.



Digital Poverty – Individuals at a disadvantage due to the lack of digital equipment, connection to the internet, and/or lack of digital literacy.

No Detriment – A ‘no detriment’ policy acts as a safety net to ensure students obtain at least their average grade so far. Put simply, the grade students currently have is the lowest they can achieve.

No Detriment Part II - No Detriment Part II will see the generic mitigation aspect of the original policy continued.

Mitigating Circumstances - A serious or significant event affecting a student's health or personal life which is beyond the student's control. The events are sufficiently serious enough in nature to result in the student being unable to attend, complete, or submit an assessment on time.

Self-certification – A form that must be completed when a student is unable to engage with classes or complete assignments. They are required if a student fails to attend an examination, a part of the module or programme which is identified as compulsory, or to submit a compulsory assessment on time, including an extended deadline or where a student has previously negotiated an extension.

Lecture Capture – When a lecture is recorded for the purpose of distributing resources to students who are either absent from class and for them to refer to for future assessments




  1. Address access issues, including digital poverty 

  1. Anonymous marking across modules and exam boards



  1. Adopt inclusive language and terminology  

  1. Celebrate culture, history, and lived experience of minoritized groups 

  1. Leadership Program  

  1. Increased representation of minoritized voices

active listening

  1. Regular forums, events, and platforms to ensure accountability 

  1. Allyship program 

  1. All University staff complete equality and diversity training


  1. A trusted racism reporting system 

  1. Public commitment to the issue


The Students' Union is led by a group of elected students who work on your behalf to make University life better, you can find information and contact details for Volunteer Officers and Full-time Officers below. Additionally, you can find out more about Course Reps here. We run elections every Spring to choose next year's elected officers. Every student can vote in the elections for each of the four full-time officers and volunteer officer positions. The next Students' Union election will be hosted in March 2020.