Pronouns: She/Her

The President is the lead spokesperson for external media for Brighton Students' Union and sits on the Board of Governors with the Education Officer. The President sits on a wide range of University Committees to represent the student voice at the highest level.






BSc Biomedical Sciences

South London

Fun fact about me:

I am an avid F1 fan! I also write blogs and have a vlog channel.

My role and what I hope to achieve this year:

As President, I’m essentially a figurehead of the students union. I make sure the student voice is heard in meetings, and often feedback to the university at the highest level.

My aim this year is to encourage student engagement to get more opinions on how better we can continue to support. Whether it be support with education, mitigating circumstances and safety nets, welfare, employability, or support with societies and extracurricular activities. All with a view to improve the university experience for students.


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B Brighton su elections

The The election for this role takes place during our Spring Elections in term 2. You can find out more about this role and the others avaiavailable by visiting our election webpages.