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Ramy Badrie

EMAIL ME AT BSUVPEducation@Brighton.ac.uk


To be the lead officer for furthering the academic interests of undergraduate and postgraduate students. The Vice President Academic Experience is responsible for the representation of students on issues affecting their academic experience within the University, locally and nationally. The role is fulfilled through consulting with students and developing policies, actions and campaigns informed by students’ needs and ambitions that will extend and enhance the academic opportunities available.

Manifesto Points

Each elected officer runs on a manifesto: a collection of ideas and policies that they promise to enact when they are in office. To help you keep track of what each of our four full-time officers get up to, and how far along they are in implementing the ideas that got them elected: we've created this handy manifesto tracker!

How it works

Starting Out...
Getting There...






All of an officers manifesto points are listed below. The button colour indicates their progress in implementing each of their points. You can click on each button to see a quick log describing what each officer has done to further their goals in each instance.

Improve learning facilities for International students


Enhance support facilities and visibility for postgraduate and mature students


Make the university more accessible to individuals with disabilities.


Add modules on employability and life skills.


Increase the amount of recorded lectures


Obtain more online textbooks for free use.


Improve the balance between course work and exams, giving different learners equal opportunities


Generate funding for student entrepeneurship.


Hold monthly meetings with Course Reps and academics


Continue the BSU education campaign


Create a comprehensive, 24/7 counselling service


Create a mentoring scheme for students at risk of dropping out.


Overhauling mitigating cirsumstances to provide long term support for students in need.