Suzie BSU VP Activities


SUZIE Douglas 



To lead the student activities programme; to include sports, societies and entertainments across all campuses and partner colleges. The Vice-President Activities will consult with students in the development of activities across a wide range of areas, to include both social and competitive sport, inclusive societies and accessible entertainments. The Vice-President Activities will participate in Union and University committees and liaise with external agencies where appropriate to seek to provide the student body with opportunities to enhance their University experience, providing good value, low cost and inclusive activities for all.

Manifesto Points

Each elected officer runs on a manifesto: a collection of ideas and policies that they promise to enact when they are in office. To help you keep track of what each of our four full-time officers get up to, and how far along they are in implementing the ideas that got them elected: we've created this handy manifesto tracker!

How it works

Starting Out...
Getting There...






All of an officers manifesto points are listed below. The button colour indicates their progress in implementing each of their points. You can click on each button to see a quick log describing what each officer has done to further their goals in each instance.

 1hr/2hr parking passes for official sport sessions


Freshers and Re|Freshers sports days for trying new sports.


Backup kit for all official sports teams.


Organising a winter Societies showcase


Sorting out society cupboards for storing equipment


Push for academic departments to support society activities


Develop external accreditations for society-run training

 Fundraise to bring back a minibus for society and sport use

 Fighting for Equal representation in varsity teams

 Launch student volunteering week with the university