MARCH 2021

The Question of the Month initiative helps us to have more conversations with students, so that we can make sure we’re a Union that truly reflects your beliefs; as well as ensure we're working on the things that matter most to you!

Each month we'll be asking you a series of questions about a key topic from around the University through in-person questionnaires, an online survey and through our social media channels.

We then use this information to lobby and campaign to improve your student experience.


This month we are asking about our services and activities at Brighton Students' Union (BSU) and how you could like support in the coming year. Your feedback will help us to make change, as well as lobby and campaign to improve your student experience at the University of Brighton.





Past questions

Missed a previous question? Take a look below at what we've asked and the feedback we've had. Remember that you can always give us feedback at any point in the year by contacting:

November 2020 - Your learning experience during covid-19: 

view the stats here

December 2020 - Your finances and how they've been impacted by covid-19: 

view the stats here

January 2021 - Your student experience during the third UK covid-19 lockdown:

view the stats here

February 2021 - What consent means to you and issues around misconduct:

Unfortunately, we didn't get enough responses to be able to share the report, but we will be using your feedback to lobby for change.