Fitness to practise (FTP) applies to students studying on professional programmes (courses) regulated by Professional Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs). 

For such programmes, the University is expected to confirm that students are ‘fit to practice’ at the end of their studies. 

The main purpose in doing this is to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the public and to adhere to the standards set out by PSRBs. It is also about ensuring a student is making satisfactory progress. This means acquiring and demonstrating the necessary skills, knowledge, awareness, good health and character needed to practice in the relevant professional role safely and effectively, and adherence to the Codes of Practice which apply to that particular profession.  

A fitness to practice issue will potentially arise whenever the university has information (either from the student or another source) which calls this into question. 

Concerns can be raised for a variety of reasons including lack of professionalism, lack of honesty/integrity, not disclosing cautions or convictions, allegations of misconduct including academic misconduct, lack of competence and poor health. This also covers a student’s conduct outside their programme and placements. 

Students can be temporarily suspended from part or all of their programme during an FTP investigation. 

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