The first step to take before adding committee members is to log-in.

After you've logged in, click the 'cog' at the top right of the screen, and you'll be able to see a list of all organisations you belong to.

Click the organisation you wish to add committee members to.

You will then be taken through to the organisations' admin screens, where, if you have the correct permissions, you will be able to perform lots of different actions. To add committee members, click the 'Groups' tile.

You will then be able to view your current executive roles, pictured below.

To add an individual to an existing role, click the role. As an example, say we want to make someone a President. To do this, click 'President'. You will then be able to view a list of your organisations members list, of which, you can pick who it is you wish to assign to the 'President' role.

When you've selected who you want to be your 'President', click the 'Add Members' button at the bottom of the page.

You can also, remove members in a current role in the same way you would add them. Just select the individual you wish to remove from the role and click the 'Remove Members' button, located at the top of the list of potential members of a committee role.

The above steps detail how to add an individual to an existing role, however you can also add a new role. To do this, return to the 'Groups' page (the one that lists committee roles.

To create a new committee role, input the name, type, and category, into the 'CREATE NEW GROUP' section.

For example, to create a brand new role that has never existed, you need to name the role. Lets call it 'Fun Organiser'. Next, you need to select the 'Type'. When creating new roles, always select the 'Exec Membership' type. Then, you need to decide on the 'Category'. This refers to the level of permissions the role has. A 'Treasurer' won't have the same level of website permissions as a 'President' will for example, so as a rule of thumb, when creating a new role, always choose the 'Category' type that is most similar to your new role. For example, the closest 'Category' to our new 'Fun Organiser' role would be 'Social Secretary' or 'Trip Secretary'.

Then click, 'Create'. Your new committee role will now appear, and you can click on it and assign the person you wish to take up the role.