The first step to take before being able to add tickets is to log-in.

After you've logged in, click the 'cog' at the top right of the screen, and you'll be able to see a list of all organisations you belong to.

Click the organisation that contain the event you wish to add tickets to.

You will then be taken through to the organisations' admin screens, where, if you have the correct permissions, you will be able to perform lots of different actions. To add tickets to an event, click the 'Tickets' tile, pictured below.

You will then be taken through to the 'Tickets' admin screen, where a list of events will appear. Choose the event that you wish to add a ticket to and click the 'Add ticket' link. The below pop-up will appear, prompting you to add the ticket details.

Under Ticket type, you have the choice to select either 'Students' or 'Members'. This specifies who can purchase your ticket, so choose accordingly.

The rest of the input fields are self explanatory. Click 'Save' when you are done, and your ticket will appear on the tickets admin page that you were previously on.

The tickets will then display on the event on the organisations home page, under the 'EVENTS' tab, pictured below.

The tickets will automatically expire on the date you specified when you created the ticket. If you want to delete the tickets and event , navigate to the 'Events' admin screen and click the red cross to delete.