Sufia Begum


Anuraj karmacharya

postgraduate & international
Ramy Badrie
ilia mirsky katz
Doris Uche
doris uche




Laura Greenwood-Pearsons         

Chief Executive

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Justin Brentnall      

Director of Commercial Services

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Aksana Trifonos   

Director of Finance

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Tom Foy         

Engagement Manager

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Amellia Brown

Events Manager

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Becky French

Student Activities Manager

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Jude Jenson

Student Support Manager

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Aaron Salins

Sales & Contracts Manager 

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Benny Ellis

Venue Manager

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Mel Szilagyi

Cafe Manager

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Lauren Murfin

Trading Manager

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Daniel O'Dea

Union Shop Manager

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Fraser Ebel

Assistant Venue Manager

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Luke Kearney

Assistant Venue Manager

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June Craig

Grand Parade Shop Manager

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Helen Wolff

Office Coordinator

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Alex Lai

Graphic Designer

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Flo Norton

Communications Coordinator

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Aurora Thompson

Insights Coordinator

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Bonnie Carter

Activities Coordinator

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Victoria Barrett

Student Advisor

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Olivia Lovett

Student Advisor

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Luke Frost

Student Advisor

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Nigel Hall

Campus Organiser - Eastbourne

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Sarah Pickett

Campus Organiser - Grand Parade

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Trudy Bridgeman-Rivett

Campus Engagement Coordinator

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Laura Feetham

Graduate Engagement Intern

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Eddie Watson

Graduate Engagement Intern

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