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We are committed to ensuring University of Brighton students get the very best from their experience here.

This means working collaboratively with different partners to deliver our aims.

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University of Brighton

The University of Brighton is our most important partner. We receive a grant from the University to help fund some of our services for students. But - we are a totally separate and independent organisation. This means we can represent Brighton students views and ensure the University is doing it's very best to offer a fantastic experience here at Brighton.

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Sussex Police

Keeping students safe is an important part of what we do at BSU. By working in  partnership with our local Police service, we ensure help and support is available for our students if they ever need it.

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Brighton & Hove City Council

Brighton students are an important part of the local population here and bring significant economic and social capital to our area. We work collaboratively with the Council to ensure students are considered in their decision making and that they continue to be a valued part of Brighton community.