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The Students’ Union Advice service is part of the University of Brighton Students’ Union, a registered charity.

It is independent from the university and offers free, impartial and confidential advice to Brighton students on a range of issues on Academic Regulations and Accommodation problems. 

Here you'll find answers to some common queries about what we do and the support we can provide.

Firstly - what we can't help you with

  • Legal representation: We can provide an impartial advocacy service at your meetings with the University when we are working with you on your case and will sometimes communicate with your lawyer but we cannot provide you with legal representation or legal advice.
  • Finance issues: If you are facing debt issues, we will signpost you to appropriate specialist support. We cannot offer you money advice, however the University's Student Advice Service offer guidance on budgeting and can provide advice on instances where you may be running into debt.
  • Writing your statements: Our advice is designed to empower you so you can respond to your challenges independently. We can provide detailed advice to help you write the statement then provide feedback on any draft but cannot supply the actual writing content for you except where a reasonable adjustment is required.
  • Predict outcome of your case: We can provide insight into the likely outcome of your case based on the evidence presented to us and on the University's policies, however we cannot decide the outcome for you, this remains a decision of the University. 
  • Speaking for you: Our role is to offer you impartial representation at meetings. We cannot speak for you unless perhaps you have accessibility needs, however, you can request to speak with us privately during a meeting if you are concerned about anything.
  • Make the University provide you with a specific outcome: We cannot tell the University to give you a specific outcome. However, we are very knowledgeable on the types of outcomes based on the University's regulations and our experience. We can also advise you about escalating your case if you are dissatisfied with the outcome you've been offered.