Make Friends and do great things...

Student activities are at the heart of everything we do here at BSU. We're here to help and encourage you and your peers to start something incredible during your time with us.

Whether it's becoming part of Student Media as a writer for our newspaper, or putting on an amazing event as a Society committee member: students working together to achieve amazing things within the University and the wider community has long been a cornerstone of life here at the University of Brighton.

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Browse all the societies currently operational at the University of Brighton. Can't find one you want? Email us and start your own brand new society! 

Society Toolkits

New to societies? Check out our comprehensive guide to all the ins and outs of running your own society here.


The University and SportBrighton run and support all of the sports teams. Here you can view the full list of all teams and one-off sporting activities currently available.

Student media

Here you can get involved with the student newspaper, radio and tv stations.