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What is happening? 

UCU (The University and College Union) have announced further industrial action in 2023. This industrial action will include strike and action short of a strike. You can find out more about what these terms mean here.

Some of you may be affected by the strike action. Because not all University of Brighton staff are members of UCU, not all students will be affected

Strike action is planned to take place before April 2023. The exact dates have not been confirmed yet, we will update you as soon as we know.

On strike days, some Brighton staff will join others across the country and not deliver their teaching or provide student support. This means that some academic courses will be impacted as well as other University services.  

Here you can find out more about the background to the industrial action and what to do if you are affected. 


How to prepare for strike days

  • Ask your lecturer if they intend to take part, so you can plan for this (but note they are under no obligation to tell you)

  • Keep all your receipts; this is important if you arrive at a lecture or seminar and find it has been cancelled. You should keep a record of all the costs you incur during the strike action. 

  • Keep a log of how you are affected.

  • Still submit your work - if you have a deadline you must still submit your work unless you are told otherwise.

  • Meet with your lecturer after the strike is finished to discuss any areas you need to catch up on.

  • Don't panic - there is lots of advice and support available to you.





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