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“Ticket Vendor” is the University of Brighton Students’ Union’s trading subsidiary; BSU Enterprise Ltd (here-on referred to as BSU), and is the party selling the ticket.

“Ticket Purchaser” is the purchaser of the Ticket.

“Ticket Holder” is the party the ticket was purchased for and is the name on the ticket.

“Ticket Platforms” are the official locations from which an official BSU endorsed ticket can be purchased.  These platforms are likely to include an online e-commerce platform and physical locations on the University campus.

"Event" means the event(s) for which you have bought a Ticket through the official BSU Ticket Platforms.

"Venue" means the site at which the Event takes place:

"Ticket" means any valid document, or wristband which permits the Ticket Purchaser to attend the respective Event.



You must accept these Terms and Conditions at the point of purchasing a Ticket from BSU.

The Ticket

The value of a ticket is the price at which it is purchased from an official BSU Ticket Platform.  Ticket prices may vary through promotional offers.  All promotional offers are at the discretion of BSU.  It is your responsibility to ensure you purchase the desired ticket at a price you are prepared to pay.

There are a limited number of Tickets available for each Event and the purchase of Tickets is strictly subject to availability.

A Contract is formed on completion of your purchase between BSU and the Ticket Purchaser. It is the responsibility of the Ticket Purchaser to ensure they have read and understood the terms and conditions of the contract.

The Ticket Purchaser is required to provide information at the point of purchase.  It is the Ticket Purchaser’s responsibility to ensure all the information provided is correct. While BSU will endeavour to correct any errors on notification, BSU cannot accept responsibility for any inaccuracies or errors made.

The Ticket is only valid for use by the Ticket Holder (the name on the Ticket) and only they will be admitted to an Event.


This is a non-refundable Ticket except under the following circumstances:

  • The Event is cancelled
  • The Date of the Event changes
  • The Venue of the Event changes

A replacement ticket for a new Event, at a new Venue, on a new Date will be offered in advance of a refund, if available.

Refund requests not associated with a reason stated above will be considered but BSU is not obliged to grant the request.

BSU will provide opportunities for the Ticket Purchaser to procure a Refund Insurance Policy where appropriate and available.  A COVID-19 insurance policy can be purchased from Ticket Plan at the point of purchasing a Freshtival ticket.  BSU has reduced the original Face Value of the tickets to make the policy affordable. 


The description of the Ticket and the Events relating to the ticket will be provided at the point of purchase from all Ticket Platforms. BSU will ensure to the best of its ability that the description is an accurate depiction of the Ticket and Event.  BSU will ensure to the best of its ability that any changes required to the ticket, or the event, do not compromise the quality, or value of the purchase.  BSU will notify the Ticket Holders of any changes to the Ticket or Event description in advance of the Event.  Refunds will not be provided where the changes do not significantly compromise the quality, or value of the Event.

The Ticket Holder

All Ticket Holders must be aged 18 or older where this is a legal requirement to enter the Venue.  Ticket Holders are required to have proof of age when attending these Venues and the Venue reserves the right to refuse admission where appropriate proof is not provided. The following ID can be used as proof of age for entering the Venue: current Passport or current UK Driver’s License or Provisional License

BSU and Venue Management reserve the right to refuse the Ticket Holder entry to and/or eject the Ticket Holder from an Event. The Ticket is considered Void and non-refundable under these circumstances.  In particular but without limitation the Ticket Holder may be refused admission to or removed from the Event for any of the following reasons:

  • They behave in a manner which has or is likely to affect the enjoyment of other persons at the Event;
  • They use threatening, violent, abusive, discriminatory, or insulting behaviour;
  • They are in possession of, or under the influence of illegal drugs;
  • They fail, when required, to produce proof of identity or age;
  • They refuse to comply with the Venue’s security searches;
  • They fail to comply with any instructions given by Event and Venue Management during the Event.

The Ticket Holder must adhere to the latest COVID-19 UK government legislation in place at the time of the event.  Local restrictions can be found by visiting https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus. An FAQ is also available on our Freshers website https://www.brightonsufreshers.com/


Your Image

By attending the Event, the Ticket Holder gives their express consent to their actual or simulated likeness being included within any imagery to be used in any and all media for any purpose at any time, with this media owned by BSU.

Your Data

BSU does not sell, trade, or transfer the personal information relating to either the Ticket Purchaser or the Ticket Holder, provided at the point of purchase, to third parties for marketing purposes. 

BSU will share your personal information with third parties who require the information to deliver this Ticket purchase. Only the personal information required to deliver the purchase will be shared with third parties and the information shared will only be used for the purpose of providing this purchase.

BSU will only use personal information provided through the purchase of this Ticket where consent has been provided by the Ticket Purchaser.

BSU will share personal information provided through this purchase under any circumstances where it is legally required to do so.


If you have any queries about your Ticket purchase, please contact: bsucommunications@brighton.ac.uk



  • You must accept BSU’s Terms and Conditions relating to this Ticket at the Point of Purchase.  The following provides a summary of some of the main Terms and Conditions relating to this Ticket.  For a complete set of Terms & Conditions relating to this Ticket please refer to the BSU website:  https://www.brightonsu.com/termsandconditions/
  • This Ticket is only valid for use by the Ticket Holder (the name on the Ticket) and only they will be admitted to an Event.
  • This is a non-refundable Ticket except under the following circumstances:
    • The Event is cancelled.
    • The Date of the Event changes
    • The Venue of the Event changes.

A replacement ticket for a new Event, at a new Venue, on a new Date will be offered in advance of a refund, if available.