About Us

Hey all, we're the Table Top Society here to promote social interaction through playing board games and taking part in Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.

The idea is to play RPGs and other party games to promote confidence in people and have a safe space where they can take part in activities. We would also like for our members to go out and experience different activities: whether it be game bars, conventions or even just finding a space to rent for an immersive fantasy experience. We are mainly focused on casual games for now but want to include more members who may want to lead more D&D campaigns. Inclusivity, Safety and Fun are our most treasured values as a society.

Werewolf, Muffin Time, Chess, Cards Against Humanity and other party board games will be on offer.

For more RPG based games we will offer: Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons and other offshoots of popular franchises.

Materials will not be necessary for new arrivals immediately but make sure to coordinate with the people you plan on playing with so you can set up for the next session.

Feel free to join our society discord: https://discord.gg/nrUwqXsnqQ

No upcoming events

No runing elections at the moment