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Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Welcome to the Brighton and Sussex Sikh Society!

We're thrilled to extend a warm and inclusive welcome to all students joining Brighton and Sussex University.

Our society is built on the foundation of friendship, understanding, and unity. We believe in providing a safe and welcoming space for Sikhs and non-Sikh students alike, where judgment is left at the door, and everyone is respected on their unique journey.As learners, we are constantly striving to be the best versions of ourselves, guided by the wisdom of Sikhi and the teachings of our Gurus.

We stand firmly by the core values ingrained in us:

1. ''Vand Chako" (share with others)

2. "Kirat Karo" (earn an honest living)

3. "Naam Japo" (meditate on the divine name)


Whether you're seeking spiritual guidance, meaningful connections, or simply a supportive environment, you'll find it here in the Brighton and Sussex Sikh Society.Join us in fostering a community that celebrates diversity, embraces inclusivity, and grows together in the spirit of Sikhi.

Welcome to our vibrant and harmonious family!

Thank you. 



Brighton and Sussex Sikh Society 

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