About Us

Introducing the brand new UBSU Poker Society. Est 2024.


UBSU Poker Society aims to bring together poker players of all abilities from across the University of Brighton to play in weekly games and tournaments.

We want to provide a platform for poker players of all abilities to play together every week. 

What do we offer you?

Poker is a complex mixture of skill and luck, even the worst players (found on the committee) can win it all by being confident and lucky. 

Mastering poker is all about making opponents believe that you have the best hand. It's a genuinely intricate game but very easy to pick up as a beginner. 

There's plenty of ideas in the works! You can expect:

  • Weekly free games of poker open to all
  • Tournaments with cash prizes (cheap entry)
  • Socials (where you can rinse each other for losing last week)
  • Fancy dress games (where you can rinse each other for your dreadful costumes, and losing)

We should also say, we're on about Texas Holdem'.

What do we want from you in return?

  • Turn up and play, the more the merrier!
  • Don't worry if you haven't played before, we will teach you! (the committee are all bad anyway) 
  • Let the committee members win a few hands each week
  • Come with an open mind and have a chat to the person next to you
  • Watch 'Casino Royale'


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