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The University of Brighton Law Society’s key objective is to facilitate access to information relating to careers in and out of the legal sector.

Our main aim for 2023-24 is to make pathways into law more accessible for our members, this is done by explaining different methods of becoming a solicitor after graduation, as well as helping upcoming barristers with the different routes available ot you. Other collaborations we want to utilise to broaden our member's views include the debate society, feminist society, amnesty international and women in business!

Other themes include Networking, Commercial Awareness and other careers which are not necessarily legal! We plan on working towards these themes by collaborating with industry professionals, other societies and hosting our own development workshops.

Networking is a skill that all future lawyers will need to be able to use confidently. Lawyers will often be required to network and secure new business, and you may be asked to attend client’s events. Throughout the year, we will be hosting various events relating to careers in and outside the law. In previous years we have hosted a Law Ball with attendees from local Solicitors and Barristers’ Chambers; Law Careers Questions Time, and a Wine and Cheese Networking Evening.

Mr Denis Viskovich, founder of British Inter-University Commercial Awareness Competition insists that Commercial Awareness, the understanding of how industries and business’ work, is not usually integrated into Non-Russel Group Universities curriculums, and the Law Society is inclined to agree. The Law Society has therefore set up key commercial awareness workshops in order to make sure that Brighton students by the difficult questions that can be thrown in interviews. We have partnered with the Commerical Law Academy to bring our members a variety of resources to use to build on their commercial awareness, especially in the context of applications and interviews.

As well as furthering student education we will also be focussing on student mental health and well-being; by working with the University as well as external agencies to talk about issues such as anxiety and stress. 

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