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Embracing Neurodiversity at UoB and Beyond. - Peer-Led Support - Celebrating Neurodiversity - Late-in-Life Diagnosis* - Educational Webinars and Training (TBC) All Welcome!

Peer-Led Support for Neurodiverse Students: Whether you've been diagnosed, are awaiting diagnosis, or simply want to understand how neurodivergent individuals navigate and experience the world, join our supportive community. We will be covering a range of neurodivergent conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, and Dyscalculia - All welcome!

Exploring Neurodiversity: Do you suspect that you might be neurodiverse? Our informal group discussions offer practical support and information. We delve into topics like sharing personal experiences, available support (both formal and informal), and providing advice and guidance.

Late-in-Life Diagnosis*: Share your experiences, talk about your challenges, and celebrate successes in a safe space with peers. Learn about various strategies and how to identify and access services to overcome difficulties associated with late-in-life diagnosis.

Embracing Neurodiversity: Join our non-judgmental society to understand, accept, and celebrate everything neurodivergent! We foster a supportive atmosphere for embracing neurodivergent minds.

Educational Webinars and Training: We plan to invite professionals to provide webinars, training and information sessions too! (online or in person). This is a place where you can be yourself, learn and support others without masking.

Neurodiversity at UoB: Engage as much or as little as you want and start building your confidence in advocating to raise awareness, promote understanding and create a more neurodiversity-friendly environment.

*Disclaimer: Please note that this is not a professional counselling group. Unless stated otherwise, our sessions are led by individuals with lived experiences, not trained professionals. If you require urgent help or support, please contact the relevant health professionals.

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