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Last minute Halloween costume ideas!

Halloween is now only a week away and, if you’re like me, you’ve forgotten to sort out a costume. That Amazon delivery might not arrive in time and all the best costumes have long since sold out. But fear not! Here’s some of our best ideas for Halloween costumes at the last minute and on a budget!

1. Dress up as a stick figure with ease – get some white clothes and use black tape to draw the lines. Bonus marks for wearing a paper plate with a smiley face to complete the look.

2. You either love them or hate their very existence – dress up as one of the Minions! Get a yellow shirt and some dungarees, and you’re set.

3. Going to the pier party with your mates? Take Halloween to the next level with a group costume that’s easy to make. Get all black clothing, cut out some white circles, and glue them to your shirt. Boom, you’ve got a set of dominos!

4. If you’ve got a very steady hand, why not try and cut out a skeleton from a black t-shirt? Wear a white shirt underneath to complete the look.

5. Of course, there is always the classic choice of dressing up as a ghost. White bed sheet, holes for eyes – it’s literally that simple!

6. What would Halloween be without vampires?! Get yourself a black suit with a red vest, or a black or red coloured dress, and use make-up to turn your face pale.

7. For ghosts of a different kind, get a group of your mates together and dress up as the ghosts from Pacman! Get some colourful shirts and black leggings, buy some white and blue felt for eyes, cut and glue them onto the shirt and you’re ready to take on Pacman!

8. Head down to your local DIY shop, grab a handful of different grey paint swatches, tape them to a black t-shirt, and done – you’re Fifty Shades of Grey!

9. If you grab a checked shirt and some denim jeans, you’ve instantly got a lumberjack outfit without having to break the bank.

10. For a classic Halloween look, become a Zombie: stain and rip some old clothes and use some makeup to make your face grey and perfect your zombie walk.

Whatever you choose to wear, we can’t wait to see you at our biggest Halloween event yet! There is still time to grab your ticket – buy it now at




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