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Meet Your Officers!

Meet Your Officers!

Here at your Students’ Union we’re an independent body run by student officers who work to make student life better through their elected roles! They represent you and make change happen at university whether they’re a full-time, or volunteer, officer.  

Four of our officers are full time and paid for their time. They are either graduates, or choosing to take a year off their course. Our full-time officers look after a specific area of the university and attend year-round events and meetings; read more about them below…


Tomi Ibukun (Union President)
Tomi’s role as President is to provide leadership in representing the university at the Board of Governors, NUS conferences, and to be the lead spokesman with external media. He was previously a Course Rep alongside his Aeronautical Engineering degree, and worked part time at the Students’ Union for almost three years. His key manifesto points are to‘fight for student voices to be heard at all levels’, ‘increase awareness and support of mental health’, ‘introduce better value for money’ and‘hold letting agencies accountable’.  


Sam Shew (VP Activities & Participation) 
Sam is your VP of Activities & Participation having finished his 3 years as a student at Eastbourne and previously being the Vice President of men’s football team. His key headline statement is ‘a vote for me is a vote for Varsity’, with the aim to achieve ‘cheaper Sports Fed memberships’, ‘run an annual society showcase’, ‘bring Dance Rivals to Brighton’ and ‘raise the popularity of low-profile sports’. 


Amy Jaiteh (VP Welfare & Campaigns) 
Amy has been successfully re-elected as your VP of Welfare & Campaigns after graduating from Bio-Medical Science! This year she hopes to introduce ‘an accredited volunteer scheme for students’‘set up a student, self-sustained food and toiletries bank’‘stop student housing exploitation’, and ‘organise a calendar of non-alcohol based social events’


Parker Robinson (VP Academic Experience) 
Parker has graduated from Visual Culture and was heavily involved in the LGBTQ+ Society during his time as a student. He was previously the “VP Campus Development” which has now been split and absorbed between each of the four full-time officers. Parker’s new role as “VP of Academic Experience” include the following manifesto points; ‘introduce Drug Testing Kits’, ‘support and improve wellbeing and academic services’, ‘make all lectures recorded’ and tackle ‘hidden course costs’.


…Now for your volunteer officers! These officers dedicate a few hours a week alongside their studies to campaign for your student experience. We can’t wait to see what they achieve this year! 


Farhoud Salmanmohajer (International Students’ Officer)
Farhoud is a mature student and political activist who is petitioning for ‘safe spaces’ for international students and regular social meetings in cafés, and ‘celebration of individual culture and background’ even when you’re away from home.  


Kirsty Hearn (Women’s Officer) 
Kirsty is a second-year student studying Sociology who wants to work ‘towards equality for marginalised women’. She aims to increase ‘awareness and support around attitudes of sex and consent’ and tackle ‘inequality and discrimination forallwomen’


Jamell Brown (Ethics and Environmental Officer)
Jamell is another successfully re-elected officer! This year they aim to ‘start a podcast promoting activities undertaken by BSU societies’, ‘get all lectures recorded’, and ‘consult the University on how to better utilise outdoor spaces’.


Harry Harper (LGBTQ+ Officer) 
Harry has been the President of the LGBTQ+ Society and now has the role of LGBTQ+ Officer. As a non-binary student, they aim to introduce ‘improved processes around preferred name/email address/titles’, introduce thorough training for all lecturers so students don’t feel ‘othered’ in seminars, and introduce ‘safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students on campus to hang out’


Mwembe Nachilongo (Black and Minority Ethnic Officer) 
Mwembe is your BME Officer! She believes that the University can ‘do so much more to represent us as a community, and not limit it to one month a year’. She wants to ensure black and minority ethnic students ‘are heard and know where to go at times of need’.


Shile Gbelee (NUS Conference Delegate Officer) 
Shile is a final year law student who wants to change the assumption that NUS is just a discount card. She aims to ‘address the increasing rent prices’,‘lobby against any introductions of a University fee increase’ due to maintenance grants being stopped, and introduce better mental health services. 


Suzie Douglas (NUS Conference Delegate Officer)
Suzie is your second NUS Conference Delegate Officer. She is a final year studying Computer Programming who has been re-elected. She has had the courage to speak at the National Conference stage last year in Glasgow, and hopes to continue great work this year as a team alongside all of the other officers. 


Mark Harvey (Disabled Students’ Officer) 
Mark is re-elected for a third year! He has been heavily involved in improving signage for disabled students, accessibility in all buildings, and lead times for repairs on lifts and access doors. He continues to work on representing all students with disabilities. 


So, there is your Student Officer team for 2018-19! If you want to get in touch or learn more about any of your full-time officers just click here. Or for your volunteer officers click here.


If you’re interested in becoming a Student Officer yourself, read more here about the elections process and how to nominate yourself.


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