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Affordable Gift Ideas for Students this Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is coming and we just can’t wait – however fantastic Christmas is, it can be a financial strain. So, we’ve put together a list of affordable gifts that your loved ones will adore!

Personalised Plant Pots

It’s simple for you to personalise a plant pot for your green-fingered friend! Simply grab one of these blank pots from Hobbycraft and jazz it up as you’d like. Finish by adding a plant and voila, you have a thoughtful yet inexpensive prezzie.

2019 Diary

These tend to very in price depending on where you go, you can find cheaper diaries at Paperchase, TK Maxx and even places like Poundland. They’re a great practical gift for everyone, especially friends with a lot of uni work to organise.

Recreate an old image

Find a picture of yourself many years ago and recreate it now! It’s easy to do and can be both funny and warming. Top tip: it’s also great for the gram.

Get a Lightbox

These are a lovely way to spruce up the home and you can find them at an inexpensive price in many high street shops!

Framed Photos

Similarly, go onto a website that gives great offers on printed photos and put them into frames to make simple presents that will be cherished. If you’d like to take it a step further than you can grab some Scrabble-esque tiles from Hobbycraft and write a message on the frame.

Organise a day out

Organising a day out is a great way to make memories with your loved ones and can be done affordably – especially if you go somewhere like London with a number of free museums and book trains in advance!

Get creating

Go to your local craft shop to bulk buys supplies and make great homemade gifts: ideas include, cross stitching, pom-pom earrings and candle-making.

Handmade Repurposed Bottle Glass

If your partner loves a particular drink, you could re-purpose their favourite bottle into a glass or a candle holder. This takes some skill so it’s best to follow an online step by step guide.

Repurposed Treats Jar

A great idea for anyone with a sweet tooth is a handmade jar full of their favourite retro sweets. Pop into your local sweet shop or supermarket and buy a selection of their go to snacks as an affordable gift.

Get cooking

Get in the kitchen and make someone their favourite meal, or you can check out this handy article from Sainsburys with ideas for cheap, edible gifts this Christmas.

Comic Book Coasters

Comic book coasters are perfect for anyone who loves a bit of Marvel. You’ll need some basic materials to put this together, which one of your family members should be able to let you use. There’s a handy guide on how to do this and what you’ll need here

Recycled Old Lego

We saw a brilliant idea of repurposing old lego into a key holder. Simply use some flat plate legos as base, and spell out ‘keys’ on top of the flat plate, then use normal lego blocks and attach them to the individual keys (such as a back-door key) by drilling a hole. Find out more here.

Whatever you decide to do this holiday season, remember that the most important thing is appreciating what you have and being around loved ones!



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