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Wellbeing Month at BSU

We all hear terms like “self-care” and “wellbeing” in a range of places but seems particularly prominent at University. If you sit down and think about it, what actually is “self-care”? How do we have good “wellbeing”? This is why we created Wellbeing Month.

Wellbeing Month was an idea to get people thinking about what wellbeing and self-care is to them. People relax in very different ways and understanding what works well for you can be hard. We are marketed a range of wellbeing products that can be expensive and studies suggest that these products do not work for the majority of people because everyone’s self-care is very different. Self-Care and wellbeing activities fall under one or more of these categories: Learning, Notice, Active, Give, Connect. So we split our month into these categories.

Learning Week

Learning Week looked at how learning a new skill can help you relax and focus negative energy into a positive and creative outlet. At the City Campus, we gave out some meditation tips as meditation can feel like a difficult activity to start but, it can be much easier than expected. At Eastbourne, we ran some cocktail and mocktail making sessions and showed students how they can do this at home on a budget. Being able to make something you can enjoy afterwards is a great skill as you get to enjoy it twice.

Notice Week

Notice Week was made to look at the wide range of services available within and outside of the University and help you notice where you may need help and getting that help. Our Well-Fair happened at Moulsecoomb and Falmer with attendees including YMCA, SSGTs, Library, Student Services, and NHS Sexual Health. We work with a wide range of external service partners to bring their services on campus regularly so look out on the website to see who will be at your campus next.

Active Week

Active Week looked at the negative thoughts people have around exercise and activity so that we can help you have a different view. We worked with our friends at Parklife to run a wide range of events including Ice Skating at Brighton Pavilion. Also, we worked with the SSGTs to run Walk My Dog events which will be happening every month. You can still take part in Parklife activities as they have regular sessions each week for £1: check their full timetable here.

Give Week

Give Week is about giving your time to help other people and do something good. We have worked with RaG who ran lots of different events including a charity dodgeball tournament and fundraising on and off campus. If you want to do some charity work, RaG is always looking for new members.


Our final section is Connect which is happening during the first two weeks of December. Connect Week looks at how connecting with someone for a few minutes can help you share your problems and feel like it is not only you who is feeling like this. We have trained therapy dogs coming to every campus as part of our Time To Paws events where you can stroke these dogs and chat to a member of the SU Support team about how you are feeling.

This month has been brilliant but wellbeing doesn’t last just for a month. We are running lots of different activities in the next semester. We also have wellbeing kits and other free items available at our Wellbeing Cupboards which are on every campus. Make sure you take time out of your studies so that you can rest, relax, and recharge.


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