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Brighton SU: 2018 Highlights!

As 2018 is coming to an end (where’d the time go?!) we have a brilliant and positive year at the Students’ Union to celebrate. This year we saw internal change make progressive improvements to how we operate, and continued our journey to champion our students and help them on their unique journeys. We’ve put together a list of highlights to reflect on this year, as we move into 2019 more excited than ever with the launch of our new strategic plan. 

One of our favourite wellbeing activities is the doggo therapy sessions! We have local charities bring in their friendly pooches for our students to pet and de-stress. What’s not to love?! 

February was LGBT+ History Month where we support liberation and equality for all. We raised awareness through sports, food, history and community events. This is an annual international month of celebration we strongly believe about taking part in! We also held our Refreshers’ Fair for students to integrate into uni life better; the day was full of freebies and meeting our societies. 

A new fantastic full-time Officer Team were elected this year; TomiSamAmy and Parker! Elections are always an important time of year as the new officers, full-time and volunteer, are elected by you based on their manifestos to make change for the next academic year. We also said goodbye to our fantastic officer Ebun in August. 

April was filled with achievements as the Law Society were the first to win “outstanding” in the society accreditation scheme, we joined the council’s “my pronouns” campaign, our BSU survey was launched (which we used feedback from to shape our new Strategic Plan) and most importantly – Krispy Kreme came to our Cockcroft shop!! 

Alongside Mental Health awareness month, every year we celebrate the brilliant achievements of our staff, students, and lecturers at the Union Awards. Everyone from the SU and UoB come together for one entertaining night in Komedia.

In June the sun came out for our Garden Party in Eastbourne! Filled with Pimms, dancing, and inflatable slides. 500 of you came out for our sold-out summer event to celebrate the end of the academic year. 

In July we attended two days at the SU conference and NUS Awards, and celebrated lots of other Union’s achievements! It was also a busy month preparing for Freshers’ Fortnight in September. 

Over July and August, we saw the Class of 2018 graduate! This is always an amazing ceremony to celebrate our students finishing their degrees, and this year was no different. 

August was also the amazing Brighton Pride Parade! We have a society and staff parade each year to show our support – love is LOVE! ??

One of the busiest months of the year as we welcome new students, and returning! September saw our Freshers’ Fortnight, Freshtival Programme, Freshers’ Fairs and the brand-new Hello Brighton and Eastbourne activities. We loved all of the Freshers’ events and saw over 10,000 attendees! You can check out our photo albums for all of these events here

October was the brand-new launch of our ScreamPark Halloween Pier Party! The weather held out just long enough to enjoy all of the pier rides, with FOUR jammed afterparties to continue on the night which 3,000 of you attended. 

October was also an exciting month full of our new Strategic Plan to support the Union through 2018-21, and important events raising awareness and celebrating Black History Month! 

November was our Wellbeing Month full of events to improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of our students. We’ve been ice-skating, cycling, and creating to help our students during crunch time. The photo albums for the ice-skating events are here. Also, a massive well done to the Islamic Society who raised a whopping £4,590.46 during Charity Week!

During December we’ve had loads of fun so far. We raised money alongside UoB Women’s Football team at a charity match, and have run several events for Disability History Month. Parklife hosted Wheelchair Basketball, and we’ve run multiple Time for Paws events to raise awareness of mental health. 

Officer Highlights
As we reflect on the year our full-time officers also have their highlights to share.

Tomi, our SU President, said his highlight was Black History Month and how many students got to participate – “120 students came to debate current issues in the black communities and how it affects them”! Tomi is also proud of the Akala event where he spoke about “black history when it comes to being an Emcee”. 

Amy, our VP of Welfare and Campaigns biggest achievement was the wellbeing cupboards! Amy has “saved students over £6,000 (retail price)” and has “some exciting additions in the new year”. 

Sam, our VP of Activities and Participation, is proudest of the Halloween Pier Party which was one of Brighton’s biggest events this year. Sam made sure the night went ahead for Eastbourne students when “due to last minute travel complications we had to negotiate with Brighton & Hove buses two days before the event to find a replacement service”. 

Parker, our VP of Academic Experience, is “really proud of the Education Campaign” and how “actions have been adopted by the university, and they are making great progress on hidden costs on courses”. 

Looking forward to 2019 we have a busy year ahead, with our Strategic Plan to continue implementing and lots of exciting events coming up. We hope everyone has a relaxing winter break and comes back in the new year with a refreshed mindset – what a year it has been! 


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