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Which elected officer are you?

Elections are fast approaching and we’re looking for students that are ready for a challenge and their next great career opportunity. You may be thinking about nominating yourself for the election, but remain unsure of which position to stand in?

We’ve put together a guide to help you decide which officer you should be!


Can you inspire, lead and represent students? Do you enjoy making decisions and delegating tasks? Are you the organised friend in your group?

Presidency is the role for you! Find out more about the President’s role description here.

VP Activities

Do you want everyone to have fun, in and out of the classroom? Are you a social butterfly? Are you the friend that creates the plan for the weekend or always knows the best events to attend? Was the first thing on your to-do list, joining a sports team or society when you started uni?

Have a look at the role description for VP Activities. You can find it here.

VP Welfare

Do you fight injustice wherever you see it? Is Time to Paws your favourite SU event? Are you the person that people come to for advice? Are you passionate about physical and mental wellbeing?

You should nominate yourself for the VP Welfare position. Find out more about it here.

VP Education

Do you want to see everybody succeed on their course? Are you constantly thinking of ways to improve your university experience? Do your friends come to you for lecture notes and university information?

VP Education is the one for you! Check it out here.

Volunteer Officers

Are you looking for a role that you can do alongside your studies? Do you identify as a member of a liberation group? Are you passionate about being a voice for specific communities at the University of Brighton?

Nominate yourself to be a volunteer officer today! Our roles and their descriptions are outlined here.

Our Students’ Union Leadership Elections are so important as they give you the chance to choose who represents you throughout the next academic year. You can get involved just by voting! Get ready to cast your vote by reading our byelaws here.


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