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International Women’s Day at BSU

International Women’s Day (IWD), on the 8th March is a day to honour and celebrate the cultural, social and political achievements of women throughout history. IWD has been celebrated since the 1900s, however we continue to campaign for greater equality in 2019. At Brighton Students' Union, we also want to celebrate our very own powerful women.

There’s been some fantastic alumni to come from Brighton, and we continue to have fantastic achievements today from our staff, students and officers.

Brighton Alumni

It’s fairly well known that journalist and transgender rights activist Paris Lees attended UoB, but did you also know the following well known ladies also studied here?! The list could go on, and on, but we’ve picked our top five. Read the full list of alumni here.

  • Cressida Cowell, Author of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ which has become an award-winning franchise in the cinema.
  • Tanya Streeter, world champion free diver who is also a member of the Women Diver's Hall of Fame.
  • Jill McDonald, CEO of Halfords, former boss of McDonald’s and the current Clothing, Home & Beauty Managing Director at M&S. All round female boss!
  • Emily Brooke, inventor and entrepreneur who created the Beryl Laserlights used for Santander Cycles. She developed the project during her final year, then launched the concept on Kickstarter and received backing from Richard Branson!
  • Lin Cheung, ceramics and metal artist who designed the 2012 Paralympic medals!

Staff Members & Students

The University of Brighton have made a brilliant film, interviewing staff and students about the women that they find inspirational. Check it out here!


Don’t forget the fantastic Brighton Dome, Women’s Centre and Museum join forces to bring Brighton’s annual celebration of IWD. It’s FREE and full of inspiring speakers and activists! Find out more details here

Do you have more examples of women in power from UoB? Let us know in the comments below and we will add to the blog!


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