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A goodbye from Parker is a goodbye from me, because I'm Parker

Hi all,

I’m sad to say I’m leaving Brighton Students’ Union, but glad I’m leaving with such happy memories. I’ve been involved with the Union since I started University back in 2013, a fresh faced twink raring to take on the world. I began getting involved by running the LGBT+ society, through which in partnership the LGBT+ officer and staff network we secured gender neutral toilet facilities in present and future builds. Seeing how receptive the University was to change, I began to get involved as much as I could – as a course rep, a school academic organiser and societies federation.

I’ve met such a diverse group of people through our union; our hipsters in the communications team to our politicians in our student voice team. They’ve all given me such a warm welcome and supported me throughout my time as VP Welfare (2016-17) and VP Academic (2018-19), and helped me achieve so many of the things I set out to do through my time:

  1. A Education Campaign holding the University to account.
  2. ‘Out In Sport’ banner pledges (16/17).
  3. A stronger delivery of timetables for 2019/20.
  4. Anonymity in Assessment piloted and to be delivered in 2019/20.
  5. A Homeless Period collection (16/17) of over 2000 items!
  6. DrinkWise Campaign, promoting healthier approaches to drinking.
  7. Liberation Forums, spaces for minority groups to raise issues and inform policy at their university.
  8. Series of Pet Therapy, bringing in dogs and using data collected from sessions to inform university mental health policy and assessment deadlines.
  9. I Heart Consent, several workshops delivered to our student body surrounding consensual sex.
  10. Supported the development of clearer Mitigating Circumstances processes.
  11. Created a survey and a following report for the student demands of Lecture Capture, with a policy currently in creation.
  12.  Conducted research into student perceptions of Fairness in Assessment, and compiled a report.

And a tad more!

Getting involved with the SU was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It’s shown me my passions for helping others and lead me to my next step as a full-time staff member at a Union up north! I really hope y’all get involved and have similar experiences to me.

It’s really been a pleasure serving the students at Brighton and trying to improve both their welfare and their academic experiences. I wish you all the best in the future and I’m so excited to see what is achieved in the rest of the year and those to come!


Parker Robinson
12:20pm on 12 Mar 19 lol bye
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