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Tips for handling exam season…

It’s exam season for the final few weeks of term, so we’ve put together this handy guide of support mechanisms to help you reduce your stress levels. 

Everyone is different in their approach in how to handle stress, so make sure to find the right technique for you. 

  • Take frequent breaks between study sessions. Psychologists have proven that concentration only lasts for 30-45 minutes, so plot out when you work best (morning, afternoon or evening) and build up a study plan that suits you.

  • Switch up it and consider using study apps and new online tools which help you personalise your learning, such as StudyBlue, GoConqr and SimpleMind*. 

  • Make use of the support systems available to you on campus and reach out to your SU. We have fully trained professionals who can help you, including our Union Support team. We’re here to help you. The University also have counsellors and SSGTs dedicated to each campus/school you can easily arrange a meeting with, find out more here.

  • Attend our events including Time to Paws, where you get to take a break from studying and release some serotonin through petting doggos. 

  • Keep active and maintain a healthy lifestyle to aid a regular sleep pattern. Eating slow-release foods like bread, pasta and fruit will have a better effect on your energy levels than a short kick from sugary sweets. 

  • Consider meditation or mindfulness, it might not be for everyone but practicing breathing techniques can be really helpful for keeping calm and focussed. 

  • Keep connected! Don’t shut yourself off from the outside world. Make sure you find a balance and take some time to catch up with family or friends to take your mind off your studies. This will also work as a good test when you come back to your work to see how much you remember off by heart.

Practice these exam tips to help get you through, and remember if you’re struggling to sleep or manage your stress, reaching out for help is really important. Read more about the SU support available here or email

*Please note the SU has no affiliation or endorsement with the apps mentioned.


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