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Important things to know before graduating in 2019!

Your graduation will be a day that you never forget, after all of your hard work you can celebrate and get your degree, it’s a feeling like no other. For many, this will be the first graduation ceremony you attend so naturally there are a lot of questions about the day in general.

We’ve put together some of the things it’s important to remember, so your graduation can be as carefree and enjoyable as possible.

1. You need to arrive to the ceremony early to get your cap and gown

When you arrive at the ceremony, you’ll be directed to a room to pick up your ticket and gown. Give yourself time to collect what you need and get dressed.

2. They will adjust it for you if the size is wrong – and they will help you put it on

There’s no need to panic if the measurements are slightly off, the staff at J. Wippell and Co will help you get the perfect size and position of your hat.

3. The ceremony will be live streamed so loved ones that can’t make it can still see you collect your degree

Unfortunately there are only a certain amount of tickets for each person, so there is a chance that some of your loved ones will not be able to attend the ceremony. Rest assured they will still be able to watch you graduate on the University of Brighton Facebook page, as they’ll be live streaming the ceremony.

4. You’ll be seated depending on your course – in alphabetical order, so if you’re confused, find your course friends

If you’re overwhelmed by the sea of people or confused about where to sit, find your course friends and you’ll be okay! Just remember that you’ll be in alphabetical order.

5. Nobody falls on their face – you’re going to be okay

This seems to be the biggest worry that people have about graduating – I remember at my graduation I convinced myself that I was going to but nobody does! I know that it’s easy to think you’ll be the person that does, you just need to remember that you’ve been walking for at least 15 years, you’ve got this!

6. Wear comfy shoes

With that being said, make sure that you wear comfy shoes that you’re confident walking in. There’s nothing worse than spending the ceremony worried about how you’re going to get across the stage.

7. Enjoy the moment walking across the stage

It’s easy to panic and run across the stage, take the time to appreciate the moment, everybody in the room is celebrating your achievement and this is your time in the spotlight. Embrace it!

8. You have plenty of time to take pictures after the ceremony

Don’t worry too much about getting all of your pictures before the ceremony, you’ll have plenty of time to do it afterwards.

9. Pick up your alumni badge and your complimentary champagne at the reception

Don’t forget to pick up your alumni badge and attend the celebratory reception afterwards, you can unwind after the ceremony and catch up with your loved ones.

10. Book restaurants in advance for afterwards

As you can imagine, the restaurants in Brighton are very busy after the graduation ceremonies – make sure that you book a table in advance to avoid disappointment.

11. Remember that this is what you’ve been working towards, don’t stress and enjoy it!

Put all of the stress and worry aside to remember that you’ve been working towards this so long, you’ve accomplished something amazing and have a degree. This is your time to enjoy your achievements and share your happiness with everybody that you love.

If you’re really sad about leaving the University of Brighton, remember that you’re alumni forever. Don’t forget to get yourself an Totum card (formerly NUS Extra) to continue getting student discounts after university and share your memories using #brightonforever.

You can also grab your official Class of 2019 graduation hoodie at our Cockcroft shop for just £26!


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