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How to prepare for University

Starting University is such an exciting time and we understand that you must have so many questions about becoming a student at the University of Brighton. This is why we've put together a short list of ways in which you can feel extra prepared when you arrive in Brighton in September. 

If you have any other questions for us, you can email us at 

Here are some of the things you can do to prepare for University:

Join your Students’ Union Freshers’ groups and pages 

Make sure you join your Freshers’ groups and pages so you can stay up to date with Freshers’ information and chat to new students before arriving at uni. 

The official University of Brighton Freshers’ groups and pages can be found here:

Brighton Freshers’ Page:

Eastbourne Freshers’ Page:

Brighton Freshers’ Group here

Eastbourne Freshers’ Group here

If you’re in Halls, you can also join Halls-specific Facebook groups that will connect you with your new flatmates – so you can start chatting to them before Welcome Weekend. These groups will be created slightly later in the year, but they will be announced in the Freshers’ Groups so make sure you’re following. 

Student Finance 

Check with Student Finance that you’re up to date with the information and evidence that they need. This will help to prevent any complications when you’ve officially enrolled. If you need to chat to Student Finance about your application, you can contact them here.  Or the University have their own dedicated finance team who you can reach out to for support or advice. 


Have a look at your accommodation choices and get to know the area. If you've already secured yours, keep an eye out for our blog on how to help your new place feel like home. If you’d like to chat to the University accommodation team about this, you can email them at or visit the University's website for more information


Check out StudentCentral and Hit The Ground Running, this will give you more information about your course, find your timetable and other areas of the University. 

Get Ready Checklist 

Check out the University’s first-week checklist and start ticking things off here.

Check your email inbox

You’ll be receiving emails from a variety of people over the next few weeks, with important information about starting University – so make sure you’re checking your inbox to stay up to date. 

Buy a Totum Card

Start getting fab discounts from day one of student life with the Totum card, you can buy yours here

Register for a doctor and a dentist 

Once you know your new accommodation, it’s best to register for your nearest doctor or dentist before forgetting! You can find University recommended doctors and dentists here

Sign up to Save the Student 

Signing up to Save the Student not only gives you exclusive offers and discounts (especially around Freshers’ week) – it will also give you tips and advice before starting uni! 

Get to know your Students’ Union 

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with Freshers’ and getting ready for University. If you’d prefer, you can also find out everything we do on our website. 

Some of you will also need to…

International Orientation

Book your place on the International Orientation day here.

Arrange childcare and funding 

Learn more about this here.

Apply for Disabled Student Allowance 

You can apply here. You can also talk to the Disability and Dyslexia team at the University for more information about additional support. 


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