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Must haves to pack for your first year at University!

You're leaving home for University! It's an exciting time full of plans for the future and anticipation! But, how do you decide what to bring?! There are so many items you could pack, that sometimes it can be hard to prioritise. We've asked our students what they think you'd need to bring to univeristy and put together a list of things you shouldn't forget when making the move.

(Of course, you'll still need to bring pots, pans and all of the other necessities).

Don’t worry too much if you don’t have everything, somebody in your flat or house will!

Here are our must-have things to take with you to uni:

  1. Extension Lead
  2. Pack of Cards - a great way to make new friends!
  3. Stationery - don't worry if you can't get this beforehand, you can pick up stationery in our SU shops on campus.
  4. Door Stop - as advised by one of our students, this is brilliant if you want to chat to your flatmates and be approachable in first year. Please make sure that you’re not breaking any health and safety rules by obstructing any fire doors.
  5. Important Documents - including your passport, ID and university documents. 
  6. Pictures of family and friends - for those homesick moments. 
  7. Railcard and Totum Card - make the most of being a student and get discounts!! 
  8. Your go-to Spotify playlists 
  9. Portable Speaker
  10. Emergency snacks - a must! 
  11. Toilet roll
  12. Your #BSUBucketList - found in the official welcome handbooks that will be available in the next few weeks!
  13. Tupperware - brilliant for saving extra money
  14. Decorations - make your room your own!
  15. Board Games! - our favourite is Articulate ??

Is there anything off the list that we're missing? What will you be bringing to uni? 


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