Candidate for the position of NUS Delegate

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Jotsna Nobin

What issues do you think are most important to students at the University of Brighton and how will you make sure they are heard at NUS Conference?

I think most of the students presently are much more worried about remote study-online setting. Students are concerned about their quality of education and socialising on campus. Secondly, tuition fees is probably an area of great importance at this point of time. Some people might have lost their jobs and having financial difficulties. Mental health and wellbeing is also crucial. We should promote more of it, encourage students to engage with each other via the online setting. International students who are currently out of the UK are also having difficulties to cope and adjust with this setting. Time zone differences contribute a lot. Again, proper engagement and effective communication is vital. These issues are pretty much the current issues which are affecting most of the students at the University. Raising, debating these area of concerns and bringing positive changes would definitely benefit the students. t there is a designated point of contact (and officer or society) for care leavers in their union.

How will you communicate events from NUS Conference back to students at Brighton?

Usually, as a course representative, I use WhatsApp as a medium to communicate with my classmates, but this is not possible to reach mass of people. I would use email and do video recordings/MS Teams to pass on the message. Making sure to hear and being heard, also getting feedback is important part of this role, as I will be working towards the best of interest of all university students.  Later, after the lockdown is over I can better present my ideas to the students, we would be able to better communicate and interact which is a good thing.