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TICKETS ON SALE 20/09/2023. These events are free but to due to limited capacity we will be ticketing this event.


Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner, this workshop offers a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Our experienced instructors will guide you through different painting techniques, helping you bring your artistic visions to life!

Get lost in the process, experiment with colors and patterns, and create a unique masterpiece that reflects your style and personality. No artistic skills required – just an open heart and a love for creativity!


Tickets for this event are refundable subject to meeting the following conditions:
    •    Brighton Students’ Union are informed no later than 24hrs prior to the event that you are no longer able to attend.

  •  Any requests for refunds placed after the event has taken place will be given consideration subject to meeting the following criteria:
  •  The event attended was not as advertised
  •   The event was cancelled without prior notice.
  •   You were unable to attend due to unforeseeable circumstances e.g. illness.
  •   Any transport provided by Brighton Students’ Union to the event did not arrive within 30 minutes of the allocated pickup time.