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These events are free but due to limited capacity we will be ticketing this event.


Flower Pot Painting! What could be better. Join us down at The Venue for a flower pot painting adventure.

Choose your paint and your paint brush and let your creativity run wild.

Painting is a gateway to a world of inifinite imagination and colour so come get involved and have fun! 


Tickets for this event are refundable subject to meeting the following conditions:
    •    Brighton Students’ Union are informed no later than 24hrs prior to the event that you are no longer able to attend.

  •  Any requests for refunds placed after the event has taken place will be given consideration subject to meeting the following criteria:
  •  The event attended was not as advertised
  •   The event was cancelled without prior notice.
  •   You were unable to attend due to unforeseeable circumstances e.g. illness.
  •   Any transport provided by Brighton Students’ Union to the event did not arrive within 30 minutes of the allocated pickup time.