Bioassays, plants and planting!

Bioassays, plants and planting!

Thursday 25 March 2021, 5pm - 6:30pm

Location: EcoSoc teams channel

Discover how organisms can tell us information about the quality of a habitat, how much pollution is present and indicate ecosystem health!

In this event we will be discussing bioassays and bioindicators, what information we can gather with this and how it can be used. With a particular focus on soil, we will be conducting a pH test using household- found items to infer soil pH!

This can tell us loads about the community in your garden or an area your looking at and how this information can be used., we are going to be talking all about the plants you can start planting soon! We will go through  what/ when to plant. Whether it's creating a wildflower patch to attract invertebrates or start your vegetable garden for the summer.

And to relax and show off your creative talent, we challenge you to a game of animal charades!