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We are planning a camping trip to Knepp Estate for our end of year trip!
The trip will take place on the 14th of June and we will stay overnight till the 15th of June. We will be using a train and a bus to get there. Alternative transport will be organized for camping equipment and any heavy bags.
We will be camping in a wildflower meadow surrounded by the lovely nature of Knepp. We will have the opportunity to encounter wild ponies, cattle, fallow deer, red deer, Tamworth pigs, many different bird species, plenty of invertebrates and let's not forget the plants!

Tickets for this trip will cost you £20. We are subsidising some of the camping cost for a reduced ticket price, and will also pay for your train; all you have to pay for is your £20 ticket and the bus, which is excellent value for the experience!  The bus ticket is around £6 (Including both days). 

There is also a choice to add a breakfast basket at the cost of £12.00. These are designed to be shared between 2 people. (Meat, veggie, and vegan options are available). If you would like one of these, please discuss with a fellow member about sharing one. (Unless you would like one for yourself!)

You can add this breakfast basket to your basket when purchasing a camping ticket on the BSU website. 

Plan of action upon arrival:

We will get our camp set up then head out on a walk through the estate to see what we can find! In the evening we will have access to a wood-fire pizza oven where we can bake our own pizzas! Please bring your own pizza, or alternatively, you can buy the ingredients at the camp shop and make your own! 

After that, we have a fire at camp where we can hang and chill for a wholesome evening.

The next morning we will have breakfast then head out for another nature-filled walk. We will then aim to leave around 15:00pm. (Depending on when the next convenient bus/train is).

Please remember that this is not a big party. A few drinks are allowed, but let's not get messy as we want to remember this wholesome experience.

All of those who are interested in coming and have a large tent please let us know! We can co-ordinate tent shares so that those who don't have one can still come.

Please check out the Ecosoc page on the BSU site to buy tickets if you are interested. If you have any further enquires, please don't hesitate to contact the Ecosoc committee.

Hope to see you guys there!

Please check out the Ecosoc page for ticket details and enquire with the Ecosoc committee if you have any further questions.