Psychology Society Welcome Event

Psychology Society Welcome Event

Wednesday 07 October 2020, 6pm - 8pm

Location: Zoom

Invites you to join their virtual Welcome Event on ZOOM!

Meeting ID: 853 6221 6913

Passcode: 625372


More about Pyschology Society...

Welcome to Psychology society! 

In our weekly meetings we will be hosting social events, listening to guest speakers, and meeting to support each other with academic work, among many other things. We are also very open to suggestions of what you want to do! We hope this will be a friendly environment where you can feedback about the course and generally discuss how we can help make uni life the best it can be.

We plan to meet every Tuesday evening from 6.30-8pm and currently virtually (on Zoom). Hopefully we will soon again be able to meet face to face and we'll post each event with more details as soon as we know more around what is safe for us all to do! We also attend Brighton's monthly British Psychological Society meeting as a group (also currently online!) where psychologists and others with interests in the field meet to network and hear from those in a range of areas. So keep up to date with our social media and website where we will be posting all the fun events! 

Thank you for your interest and we hope you join our society, whether you're on one of Brighton's Applied Psychology courses or you just have an interest in the subject, there will be something for everyone. Drop us an email or message on social media if you have any queries!