Kharis on Campus - Welcome Event

Kharis on Campus - Welcome Event

Tuesday 06 October 2020, 7pm - 9pm

Location: Zoom

Invites you to join their virtual Welcome Event on ZOOM!

Meeting ID: 859 5219 3715

Passcode: 168436

More about Kharis on Campus...


Kharis on Campus translates as 'Grace on campus' it is a zealous and passionate Historical Christian society opened to all faiths and backgrounds.  

We aim to teach about the gospel in an unconventional way, we aim to embed the Word of God into key people (revivalist) like William Tyndale an English scholar who risked his life to translate the bible from English to Latin. We will be like a Christian history seminary centre we will be discussing the works of revivalist and saints of old revisiting their works and how some were more  successful than others in spreading the gospel.