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Join us for the biggest society collab ever at Brighton, with over 10 society's competing to win and host next year, join us for an incredible song contest launch!

Any BSU and Sports Brighton society is welcome to join until the 26th of February, and everyone is welcome to join in and have fun! Just contact us if you would like to participate or have any questions or if you would be interested in representing your society, whether that would be something meaningful or almost comedic we welcome it all!

Entry is FREE!

Voting is FREE!

Anyone can come!!!


Participation criteria:

- Has to be a BSU or Sports Brighton society, between 1 and 6 members can perform for each society

- Confirm your society's participation by Wednesday 21st February ideally so we can finalise logistics for the show

- Can be a cover of a song or an original

- 4 minute time limit to perform a song on stage

- Up to 30 seconds to introduce/promote your society, or talk about what your performance will be about before performing, you can make a 'postcard' style video alternatively but it has to be sent to Bright Radio Society by 26th February day before the contest, ideally earlier please)

- Each society participating will award rank their top 10 performances from 12 points to their favourite performance to 1 point, however cannot vote for yourselves! 

- Have to send any instrumentals/karaoke soundtracks by 26th February (day before the contest, ideally earlier please)

- Arrive by 6:10 to perform on the night

- Any questions or additional requests please contact Bright Radio Society via Brighton Students Union page or Instagram: Bright_Radio