FREE Eastbourne Diving Experience

FREE Eastbourne Diving Experience

Thursday 25 November 2021, 6:30pm - 8pm

Location: Sovereign Centre Eastbourne

What to expect

On arrival at the school, you will be met and shown to your seating area. You will then be briefed on all the detail of your experience, followed by a little form filling. You will be shown where to change into your swimwear, where you will be invited into the water where your equipment will be issued to you and you're assisted on with it. You will then be instructed on all the necessary skills and knowledge to help you enjoy your adventure. When confident and eager you will take your first breaths from the scuba beneath the water supervised constantly by the instructor. Continuing your fun you will be shown a few skills to assist you while scuba diving like clearing your mask and how to recover a regulator. When your feeling confident a swim out into the shallows living the dream, you will then be briefed on equalization and BCD inflation at the surface before venturing to slightly deeper waters enjoy the experience of feeling you're floating in space by being neutrally buoyant underwater. At the end of your dive, you will be gathered back to where you donned the kit to reflect on your adventure and de kit, before drying off and changing.


Sovereign Centre, Eastbourne BN22 7LQ, UK
Go to the Sovereign Centre reception and ask for Graham (Scuba).

Refundable deposit taken beforehand.