Pharmacy Society Welcome Event

Pharmacy Society Welcome Event

Saturday 03 October 2020, 6pm - 8pm

Location: Zoom

Invites you to join their virtual Welcome Event on ZOOM!

Meeting ID: 861 4306 0906
Passcode: 748218

More about Pharmacy Society...

We aim is to inform, educate and entertain. There is no teaching between years, so Pharmacy Society enables a friendly environment for students of all years to integrate.

PharmSoc acts to represent all pharmacy students at the University of Brighton. Working through the Students' Union and withthe British Pharmaceutical Students' Association (BPSA), we organise socials, fairs and adacemic support sessions for Pharmacy students. Our notable past events include:

  • The Staff vs Students Challenge (December), where the lecturers and students go head to head in a pub quiz to determine who will hold bragging rights!
  • The Pharmacy Ball (March), where we change out of our lab coats and into beautiful ball gowns or sharp suits. With a 5-star meal, dancefloor and afterparty, this event includes everything you could ask for. Some lecturers will also attend, allowing for students and staff to meet outside of an academic environment.

In the past, we have faciliated a parenting scheme, where first years are given mentors from higher years which may give them academic or emotional support. This voluntary programme saw great results in its inaugural year and we hope to run it again. We have arranged second-hand book sales, so students don't need to pinch their pockets any further by buying brand new textbooks. With careers fairs and BPSA conferences/workshops, we ensure students learn more about the wider world of pharmacy before they graduate.