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Carmen is one of three May 2017 winners of our Rep of the Month award and is an incredibly deserving winner having been nominated multiple times throughout the 2016-17 academic year. Representing students on the LLB Law with Criminology course, she is one of three students from the Business School to win a Rep of the Month award this year and part of a much larger group who were nominated.

To get a clearer idea of what made Carmen such a great rep, here's a summary of her nominations:

Carmen has been nominated for a Rep of the Month award many times throughout this academic year and it is clear that she is incredibly well liked among her peers. In addition to being well liked, she is respected for being an effective Course Rep who has taken the role very seriously.

A key aspect of being a great Course Rep is being able to recognise problems and find solutions; Carmen achieved this when students joined her cohort following completion of their placement year. She made sure that they returned to study feeling integrated and welcomed by the group they joined. Carmen has shown excellent dedication and commitment to the role and is more than deserving of this accolade.


Christabel Ojukwu is one of three amazing winners of the Rep of the Month award for May 2017. A first year student, Christabel has taken to the role immediately and is very well respected by her peers for being approachable and working to swiftly resolve issues.

Here is a summary of her nominations:

Christabel’s nominations were notable for mentioning how approachable she was in her role, making it as easy as possible for students to address problems. As well as being easy to talk to, she worked hard to find solutions quickly before ensuring they were conveyed to all of the students on her course. A first year rep, Christabel has been great in supporting her peers through the difficult first year of adjustment to studying Higher Education.


Jayne Ward is one of three Rep of the Month award winners for May 2017 - a month in which we had a number of excellent nominations. As Course Rep for Paramedic Practice based at the Falmer Campus, Jayne has excelled at fulfilling the difficult task of representing students who split their time between study and placement.

Here's a summary of what Jayne's nominations said:

Jayne supported around 50 of her peers to ensure that they had the resources needed to get the best out of their University Experience. Students’ worries and concerns were always communicated proactively to staff and resolutions swiftly conveyed back to the cohort.

In the midst of preparing for her end of year exams, Jayne worked hard to resolve an issue which prevented students from completing the necessary 1,500 placement hours required as part of the Paramedic Practice course. Throughout the ordeal she took the time to be a conduit of communication between staff and students up to the point the issue was resolved. Jayne’s hard work has made her incredibly popular with her peers and she is very deserving of this award.

Thanks for all your hard work, Jayne!


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