Society of the Month - April - Runners up

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  Pharmacy Society
                                 Music Society at The Hive                                                                        PharmSoc at the Hilton
Music society and PharmSoc came close runners up for April's Society of the Month Award.
Music Society held a live music event on Monday 27th March at The Hive, Falmer.
The event showcased talent within the society giving members a chance to perform to the public as part of a live gig. Not only was the event a success, with over 40 people enjoying the music on the night, it also increased public knowledge of the Society and the collaboration with The SU Hive venue made for a busy night behind the bar. 
" Performers went up on stage and played songs as part of a setlist, some being originals and some being covers. Other attendees of the event, principally the audience, got to listen to live music, enjoy beverages/food from the Hive Cafe and learn what the music society is about. We learnt how to organise an event (specifically a gig), set up a PA system and drum kit on stage, market an event to get it publicity, and that fairy lights are a good substitute for dimmed lights." Matt Austin, President of the Music Society.


PharmSoc held their annual Pharmacy Ball on Sunday 18th March at the Hilton Hotel.

The event raised money for Alzheimer’s UK, the charity of choice that PharmSoc have supported this year. The ball took place at the Hilton Hotel, with the afterparty at Revolution. Over 180 guests came, including 12 members of faculty. There was a 3 course meal included in the price, and they organised a photo booth and 2 casino tables (props; people did not bet real money!).

Georgina Cooper, President of PharmSoc stressed that "this was by far the hardest event we have had to organise all year; we have spent months preparing, contacting external companies in order to find the best deal for this event. The committee have shown great character and teamwork since October, with all of our efforts paying off with this event. It allowed students to don the glitz and glamour, dress up and have fun."



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