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BSU Supports Students with Free Supplies During Exam Period

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Exam angels logo in teal

BSU's Exam Angels

Brought to you by the Officers, as part of their 23/24 campaigns, BSU will be supplying students with free snacks, fruit, water bottles and pens throughout the exam and assessment period.

Recognising the pressures and stress that come with exams, the BSU Officers have orchestrated this campaign to ensure that students have easy access to essential items that can help them maintain their energy levels and focus. The supplies are intended not just to fill stomachs, but also to offer a small yet significant boost in morale as students tackle their exams and assessments.

Exam angels is designed to be an easily accessible way for students to grab what they need as they study, or take breaks in the library. Supplies are available to all University of Brighton students.

Supplies will be available at Aldrich Library (Cockcroft) from 13th May until the end of exams (7th June).

Our Officers will be outside exam halls handing out supplies in Elm House and Cockcroft from the 23rd May until the end of exams (7th June).

For further details of officer campiangs you can visit this page.

We wish you all the best of luck in your exams and assessments!