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Officer update: Our highlights from May

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Officers in elm house

Take a look at what are Officers were up to this month:

Ilia's updates:

“The month of May was very busy. I worked closely with the BSU staff to strategise about next year’s freshers’ week and how we can best support the students in the cost of living crisis. One great achievement this month was the creation of the BSU free shop in Mithras house that will give students access to essentials such as clothing, stationary and food. All for free. This has been possible due to the great help from the university, as they donated £40,000 for the free shop to exist, allowing many students to benefit from this.”


Doris' updates:

“This month I supported and stewarded at our Varsity games. It was great to see the great play and performances from our sports teams! I also attended disciplinary panel training to better understand panels and processes. I attended School Education and Student Experience Committees to relay student feedback on a school level and highlight current course/module concerns. I was a part of the Society Committee Handover and Training day. It was so fun to see all our committees, both new and present show up for a day of training, networking and fun! I also attended the Sport Brighton Awards to celebrate the wonderful victories of our student sports clubs and socs. Go Panthers! And was actively involved in a placement review task and finish group to shape the university’s approach to placements offered.”


Favour's updates:

“This month, I have had catch ups with various different groups concerning the students of different schools and collected this information to be fed back into the Brighton Students’ Union. Additionally, I have been a part of the society training day, which not only relayed our achievements to the society committee members but also gave them a further insight to how things are run in the BSU. Lastly, I have been been involved in an initiative this month called Exam angels, in which all the BSU officers are present at exam hall entrnaces to give free snacks, fruit, water and pens to students just before the start their exams.”


Osasu's updates:

“During May, I represented students in additional consideration panels, guaranteeing they receive fair treatment and achieve the best results. I also attended SESEC meetings to provide and listen to feedback from our course reps, super reps and academics in the various schools. I held a meeting with our super reps to gain feedback and see what we could do better moving forward. We also started the Library study snacks which allows students to get free snacks and fruits whilst they study in the library. I attended and gave a presentation at belong at Brighton session to prospective students looking to study in the university.  I also attended the Quality and Standard committee, and the university education and student experience committee where some student focused policies were passed. I helped out with our exam angels campaign in which we provided water, snacks, fruits, and pens for students just before their exams.”