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Officers' Update: Our highlights from April

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Group photo of the officers accompanied with the text "Officers's Update - April"

Here's a look at our April Officer updates:

Ilia's portrait photo

Ilia - BSU President:

“During the month of April, there were many campaign and activity achievements. One of the big projects was the culture fest, an event that I was personally pushing for for the past two years and I was pleased it happened. April was also a month where I was able to represent the student voice at the board of governors and witness campaign wins being approved in the Academic Board such as the automatic extensions for assignments and a word count resolution to put an end to doubts regarding the word count in assignments. This month, we also awarded students for their excellence in societies and their university life. The Union Awards was a very successful event and we hope that all the students and staff that attended enjoyed the evening.”

Doris' portrait photo

Doris - Activities Officer:

“This month I got to visit other Students’ Unions alongside the other Officers to talk about ongoing concerns, roles and responsibilities and discuss strategies. It was a very refreshing experience, giving me more insight and inspiration! Alongside the other Officers, I organised Culture Fest. This event was aimed at showcasing the wonderful cultures we have at the university through food, music and our amazing societies! It was so fun seeing many enjoying the activities of the day, including the cultural showcase that took place. The BSU Awards were also held this month and I had the opportunity to present some of the awards to our fantastic societies and university staff. It was a night filled with joy, laughter and excitement! I have also had the opportunity to support some of our incredible PanthersTeams at Varsity! Looking forward to the matches to come, Go Panthers!”

Favour's Portrait photos

Favour - International and Postgraduate Officer: 

“This month, I have organised and hosted the Postgraduate Week with activities such as Coaster Painting and a Postgrad Employability Session for students seeking career advice. This week also collided with Culture Fest which celebrates the diverse heritage of students attending this University with food and music. We have also visited other Students’ Unions to learn about their strategies and processes on how they deliver their campaigns, ensuring when I come back to Brighton I'm full of fresh ideas ensuring a better student experience. In this month of April, I have also represented several students as a panel member of the additional considerations. I also attended this year’s Union Awards which was co-planned by me and the other officers.”

Osasu - Education Officer:

“During April, I had catchups with various schools in the university to give feedback from reps and see how previously given feedback has been actioned out. With the rest of the team, I was also involved in planning a successful Culture Fest and Union Awards night. This month, I attended a progressive meeting with the Education and Student Experience Team to make plans and discuss ways of making the student life better in all aspects. In addition, I also attended the Board of Governors representing students and advocating for student-led changes. Lastly, I represented Students during additional consideration panels, ensuring students are treated fairly and get the best outcome.”